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Some announcements:


Millbrig having played Portsoy, Stonehaven,Pitmedden and Belladrum festivals this summer are gearing down for the winter to work on recording our latest material. Should be released in Spring when we will reappear and start all over again. We will be playing the odd gig here and there as they become available.            




The material on the tube would be more representitive of the type of material i perform. Some of the songs on the site are not really suitable to perform alone ie i would need a band to do this. I wont rule that out completely but its unlikely. Theres always the looper of course.



Site last Updated   27/08/2017      

Last audio update 24/07/2017

Northern Light on this page


Please use the grey slider on the right side of the list above to select more tracks. Alternatively if you double click the first song on the list Stromach then all the songs will play automatically.

All songs are again downloadable from Sound Cloud.


I have uploaded some very loose 'live' open mic acoustic recordings to YouTube. Bear in mind its not a studio quality recording but a jam using an open mic, a boss looper and micro cube amp recorded on a standalone camera with internal mic. So far around 30 videos posted, some original and some carefully chosen covers.








Several of the open mic blues jams will be transferred to computer and developed further in the near future and posted here. Today i used the audio from the open-mic version of Las Vegas blues as a backing track and recorded about twenty new tracks along side it. The original audio is now superceded by a cleaner and better recording of the song.  

For those of you not familiar with this area, the Durris mast can be seen up on the hill to the left as you approach Aberdeen on the Stonehaven road. Its pictured top left above.

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